October 20, 2011

Why Eat Mochi? Health Benefits You Can Get from Mochi

Because mochi is a sweet and glutinous dessert, people might assume that it doesn’t have any health benefits. Quite contrary, mochi is a very nutritious dish that is not only delicious but healthy as well. Mochi is a snack that originated in Japan, and we all know that the Japanese community is very conscious about their health – they won’t necessarily eat large quantities of foods that do not contain high nutritional value.

With this in mind, what exactly can we get from munching on mochi? Folklore, as well as traditional medicine practiced by the Japanese, guarantees that eating mochi can bring warmth to the body and increase its energy. There are also beliefs that the mochi’s sweet taste can provide many benefits to the pancreas, spleen, and stomach. Additionally, mochi can be advised for those who have health problems like anemia, blood-sugar imbalances, and weak intestines.

Not only is mochi believed to increase physical strength, but the well-loved Japanese dish is also easy to digest, making it a favorite for people who don’t have the strength to chew on traditional meals. Mochi is also recommended for those who are sick and weak, but those who favor mochi the most are actually Japanese farmers, who eat mochi during the colder months because of its ability to provide extra strength and stamina.

Pregnant mothers are also known to eat mochi, again because of its ability to give strength for both mother and baby. When combined with the herb mugwort, which is readily available in Japan, mochi has added health benefits, producing high calcium and iron content, which new moms are supposed to have. For people who want to gain weight, mochi can be taken in conjunction with mugwort.

Now that you’ve discovered the health benefits of eating mochi, what else is stopping you from indulging in this sticky and nutritious snack? Enjoy the many mochi flavors available today and give in to your craving.

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