After months of feasting on heavy and delicious meals, your pants may be a little bit tighter than they were before the holidays.

If you are looking to shed the extra weight, there are many healthy ways to do it without entirely giving up sweet treats. Substitute that slice of cake for a healthier, nutrient-filled protein shake or a soothing cup of tea.

Dieting can be especially difficult immediately after the holidays, even if you’ve made a new year’s resolution to slim down. October through December is a time where sugar is even more tempting and breaking the habit isn’t easy.

Daniel Lieberman, a professor of human evolutionary biology at Harvard, said humans evolved to desire sugar.

Simply put, humans evolved to crave sugar, store it and then use it.Daniel Lieberman

Sugar was once a very limited resource craved for its ability to become fat, which was essential for hunter-gatherers. Before sugar was readily available, it was not consumed to the extent that it is now, he said.

Luckily there are treats that can ease sugar cravings while boosting your weight loss efforts.

Big Train offers a delicious line of protein drink mix that is sure to have you wanting more. These Fit Frappes are available in many flavors including mocha, vanilla, vanilla latte and more.

Fit Frappes are much smoother than most protein drinks because they are made with calcium caseinate instead of whey protein. They can be served hot, iced or frozen.

A 16 oz. Fit Frappe contains 19 vitamins and minerals, about 20 g. of protein and less than 2 g. of sugar. They are also gluten free, according to Big Train.

Big Train Fit Frappes offer the benefits of an ordinary protein shake, while also easing the sugar cravings that many people have.

Protein shakes are great for those who hit the gym regularly. The body uses protein to benefit various types of cells, according to WebMD. Protein builds and repairs tissue, including muscles, which is why it is such a trend in the gym.

Protein shakes are also known to be very filling, causing them to be somewhat of an appetite suppressant.

For those who do not spend a ton of time at the gym, a simple cup of tea can be a great beverage to boost weight loss.
Green tea can unlock fat cells, making it a great pre-workout refreshment. Oolong tea enhances the body’s metabolism and mint tea suppresses appetite.

Harney & Sons and Tea Zone offer many tea leave options, from loose leaf tea to tea sachets.

Achieving weight loss goals can be hard, but healthy food and beverages can make it a bit less painful.

What are your tips and tricks to getting in shape? Let us know in the comments!

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