Bubbly, carbonated sodas are an American favorite, especially during a warm spring or summer day. The popularity of soda is on the rise; however, not because of the giant soda brands. Artisan soda is taking the industry by storm, while the usual brands are taking a backseat.

Adding soda to a menu doesn’t necessarily mean adding the same old brands that every other store uses. With the new and exciting trend of artisan sodas, business owners can add a unique refreshment to their beverage selections.

Each year, the National Restaurant Association surveys about 1,300 professional chefs to determine food and beverage trends for the upcoming year. The association forecasted house-made/artisan sodas as the top trend for non-alcoholic beverages.

Artisan sodas are flavorful but softer bodied; however, according to Chicago Business the biggest appeal to consumers is the push for a slightly healthier indulgence.

Small-batch, corn-syrup-free sodas are elbowing their way into restaurants, convenience stores and grocers, as label-reading consumers demand simpler ingredients, more-adventurous flavors and alternatives to mainstream brands.Chicago Business

While these sodas still include sugar and are not to be mistaken for a health food, they can be made to be a much healthier choice than a typical name-brand soda.

Many traditional sodas are heavily processed and contain ingredients that many people are staying away from. According to Foodable Network, traditional sodas are losing popularity because of this.

Traditional soft drink sales are on the decline over concerns about the use of ingredients like aspartame and high-fructose corn syrup, neither of which consumers have to worry about when it comes to craft varietiesFoodable Network

Brands like Monin offer an extensive collection of syrups that are perfect for making a unique soda. This brand offers vegan syrups with no artificial sweeteners or flavors. It also offers a line of certified organic syrups.

Along with artisan sodas being a healthier option, they also award the consumer with a crisp and clean taste. Syrups can be combined to create a unique flavor. Restaurant owners can also choose to stick to the basics with a single flavor while still using a flavor that often isn’t seen in every major chain. Some great examples of this would be blood orange, or even a pear soda.

Restaurateurs would be wise to include artisan sodas on their menus when preparing for updates to spring menus. They are sure to be extremely popular drinks for the upcoming spring and summer months.

Are you considering adding artisan sodas to your menu? If so, what flavors? Let us know in the comments.

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