Ghirardelli is one of the most profound chocolate makers in the world and it certainly holds a position of prestige among candy makers in America. Everyone enjoys a sweet piece of chocolate occasionally, but this brand offers so much more than candy.

What many do not know is that Ghirardelli offers foodservice products used to create delicious frappes, baked goods and more.

Ghirardelli has been a major leader in the chocolate industry since 1852, surprising and delighting consumers on a consistent basis. In San Francisco where Ghirardelli was established, the company has grown tremendously. Ghirardelli Square is even a notable tourist spot.

Ghirardelli has consistently embraced new chocolate making techniques and innovations to guarantee its chocolate candy and chocolate products are the best they could be.

How Ghirardelli pioneered decadent chocolate in America

Ghirardelli’s history begins with its founder Domenico Ghirardelli, an Italian-born man who was the son of an exotic foods importer. Early in his career, he apprenticed for a local candy shop in Italy and later moved to Uruguay to work in the South American chocolate trade.

After sailing around Cape Horn to Peru, he decided to open a candy store. Next door to his shop, an American man named James Lick owned a cabinet store. Lick inspired Ghirardelli to move to San Francisco by telling him about North America and California’s Gold Rush.

After moving to California, Ghirardelli panned for gold and opened general stores in Stockton and San Francisco. Fires destroyed these general stores, but Ghirardelli later formed Ghirardely & Girard, which is now known as the famous Ghirardelli Company.

The Ghirardelli Company has been unafraid to branch out and try new concepts and new products. For example, in 1871 it created a line of alcoholic beverages with chocolate as the main ingredient, along with multiple spices and coffees. While some innovations were unsuccessful long term, others have done extremely well.

One thing that has stood the test of time lies in how Ghirardelli was the very first company to list Cacao content on labels to ensure consumers remained aware of just what ingredient insures the silky-smooth texture and taste.

Ghirardelli and foodservice

Ghirardelli offers its top-notch chocolate in the form of powder mixes, sauces and more for foodservice businesses. Restaurants and coffee shops can now serve iced blended drinks, desserts, coffee drinks and cocoas using Ghirardelli products.

Not only does the brand offer a great selection for foodservice business owners, it also is a great way to attract customers. According to the company, the brand has 89% national brand awareness, which means almost every household in the country knows the Ghirardelli name.

On top of great flavor, the brand offers a great marketing opportunity.

Do you serve any products using Ghirardelli powders or sauces? What do you create? Let us know in the comments.

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