Sugar is in practically everything, from our fruit juices to our granola bars. Everyone has the urge to indulge their sweet tooth from time to time, but some people have a tough time doing that when they cannot enjoy sugar. Thankfully, there are many sugar substitutes.

In order to stay healthy, some people are forced to live life with little to no sugar intake. This can be due to illnesses like Diabetes, or it can be as simple as dieting.

Sugar-free options can vary in taste quality. Some provide almost the same level of sweetness as that of real sugar, just without the unwanted calories and blood sugar increase. This is one of the primary reasons why sugar alternatives have been growing in popularity. For example, in many parts of Europe and Asia, many people use beet sugar as opposed to cane sugar or artificial sweeteners like high fructose corn syrup.

Finding sugar alternatives is simple when it is for home use; however some foodservice businesses have not yet caught on, offering very few or no options for premade sugar-free creations.

Adding a few sugar-free treats to your menu just might be the boost your business needs. There are many ways to add a flavorful sugar-free food or drinks to a menu.

Flavored syrups range from fruity to warm and nutty. Sauces that would typically be used in coffee drinks and cocoa often have sugar-free versions. These products are great options if you are looking to expand your beverage menu. Here are some of the best sugar-free syrup and sugar-free sauce options for coffees, teas and more.

Coffee and espresso-based beverages:

Coffee and espresso-based beverages are by far some of the most popular drinks in the nation. According to the International Coffee Organization, an estimated 151.5 million bags of coffee (60 kg) were consumed from October 2015 to September 2016. The National Coffee Association said in a blog post that espresso-based beverages have nearly tripled since 2008.

Gourmet coffee and espresso beverages are often full of rich and delightful flavors like vanilla and caramel.

Many brands offer sugar-free syrup options to replace the delicious sugary flavors that are often mixed in coffee and espresso beverages. French vanilla, Peppermint, caramel and hazelnut are just a few of many delicious flavors.

Sugar-free sauces allow customers to enjoy their favorite sweet sauce drizzled on top of their drinks. Caramel, chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate are some of the most popular choices.

Create elaborate drinks like a creamy peppermint mocha, or simply stick to the basics with a sugar-free hazelnut flavored coffee. There are many easy but enchanting flavor options.

Teas, cocktails, sodas:

Fruity sugar-free syrups can be used in refreshing artisan sodas, teas, cocktails, smoothies and much more. With the start of spring, now is a great time to add new items to your menu. Artisan sodas are extremely popular, easy to make and can be made with sugar-free syrups.

Create a unique soda using sugar-free flavors like pomegranate, peach or raspberry. These flavors would also be great for sweetening up iced tea or creating cocktails.

Have you used sugar free products for your food or beverage items? Let us know in the comments!

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