Hot days are ahead. With summer just months away, store owners and managers should be preparing for new demands and new items.

If you need a little inspiration, here is what we suggest you stock up on for the warm spring and summer seasons.

Cold Cups

Hot cups are a necessity year-round; however, soon many of your coffee and tea drinking customers will be looking to switch from hot to iced.

Plastic cold cups are a staple during this time of the year; whether they’re used for a unique artisan soda or a good old fashioned iced coffee.

There are many cold cups to choose from. PET and PP cups and lids are probably the most common plastic cups. PET cups are 100 percent recyclable and have great clarity so customers can see their refreshing drinks perfectly.

If you are looking to be more eco-friendly this spring, look into buying PLA compostable cups. PLA, polylactic acid, is a plastic made from renewable resources like corn starch, tapioca roots, or sugarcane. Keep in mind that PLA cannot withstand high temperatures and is only compostable in special facilities, which can be a downside. However, manufacturing PLA uses less energy, saves oil and generates less air pollution, according to Smithsonian.

Producing PLA uses 65 percent less energy than producing conventional plastics, according to an independent analysis. Smithsonian


Cold drinks can’t be served in cold cups without a straw! You can buy straws in many different lengths and widths. Some straws are more narrow, while others (like the colossal straw) are very wide.

Believe it or not, straws can add a lot of character to your business. They are available in many different bright colors. Choose straws that match your logo or the style of your business.

You can also add fun flexible straws to your drinks for something a little extra.

Paper Food Containers

Got frozen yogurt, sorbets or soft serve ice cream? Don’t forget to stock up on containers. Many people like to have their dessert items ready to take out. This is why using disposables for your ice cream or soft serve is a good idea. Customers can either hang out in your store or take their sweet treat to-go.

One of the benefits of paper food containers is that you can have them customized with your logo or business name. This makes your finished product and easy advertisement. Potential customers will easily see where their friends got that delicious looking dessert.

Fruit Flavors

Nothing says summer like the taste of a fruity drink or dessert item. In addition to stocking up on your disposables and packaging, it is important to select the best fruit flavors for spring and summer.

According to, cherry, peach, raspberry and watermelon are just a few of many summertime fruits. Incorporate one of these flavors in a special beverage or dessert for the perfect summer drink.

What other items will you need to buy to be ready for the new season? Let us know in the comments.

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