What is Hollander Chocolate?

There are many chocolate brands on the market, and not just on store shelves! The foodservice industry is full of delectable, high-quality chocolate powders, mixes, sauces and more; but one of the newest on the market is proving to be a major contender in the industry.

Hollander Chocolate Co. offers some of the finest dutched cacao in the industry. The brand sources its ingredients from some of the best cocoa bean farms in the world. All of its products are made exclusively in the United States.

Hollander’s choice for real, high-quality ingredients makes for an incredible, perfectly sweetened flavor—whether it’s for a hot cocoa or a specialty coffee drink. Hollander chocolate products are crafted to ensure only the best possible finished product.

Here are some of the best products by Hollander:

Hot Cocoa & other powders:

Create a creamy hot cocoa by adding milk or water to Hollander’s Premium Dutched Hot Cocoa mix. This high-quality powder is perfect for cold winter days or chilly spring nights. It is a great treat for all tastes. Hollander also offers Sweet Ground White Chocolate Powder and Sweet Ground Dutched Chocolate and Cocoa. Create and excellent craft beverage by combining one of these powders with fine espresso or coffee.

Masterpiece Base:

Hollander’s extra dark chocolate Masterpiece Base features 78 percent cacao powder, vanilla and hint of sugar. This product was designed to perfectly match with Hollander sauces. The Masterpiece Base is also GMO free. It is perfect for making craft beverages, as well as low sugar/high cacao drinks.

Café Sauces:

Hollander Café Sauces pair wonderfully with espresso-based beverages, cold brew and more. Three flavors are available. Hollander’s Sweet Ground Dutched Chocolate Sauce is made with natural vanilla and Dutched cacao. Sweet Ground White Chocolate Sauce is made from natural cocoa butter and vanilla. Classic Koffiebar Caramel Sauce is made with real can sugar, vanilla and sea salt.

Hollander Chocolate Co. fights for better practices

Along with its incredible product lines, Hollander Chocolate Co. has many practices that will make business owners feel great about using the brand’s products.

Hollander Chocolate is a source visible business, which means all ingredients can be traced back to their original sources. This allows for customers to know that each ingredient came from places with fair employee practices.

The brand also gives a portion of its proceeds to at risk communities in areas where cacao is produced.
If you’ve been seeking chocolate products with ingredients that can be traced back to their original source, Hollander chocolate products are definitely what you are looking for.

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