As the days get warmer, opportunities rise to introduce summertime flavors that tease the taste buds and intoxicate the senses.

Beverage options are a great way to keep your customers cool this summer, but consider creating a dessert menu full of icy and refreshing treats instead.

Creating a last minute dessert menu may seem daunting; however, this can easily be done with simple and traditional dessert options.

Freshen up ice cream, soft serve, frozen yogurt and popsicles by adding unique elements to them. Some of these desserts can be enhanced with toppings; others can feature extraordinary flavors that are original and hard to find elsewhere. Here are a few tips to bring summer dessert to your business:

Ice Cream

There is nothing like the creamy sensation of cold ice cream to ease the pains of blistering summer heat. Ice cream is a very easy dessert to enhance. While it is delicious and often enjoyed on its own, business owners can create a premium dessert by adding more to ice cream.

Sauces are just one of many easy ways to add some flare to ice cream, but they can be essential when making a banana split or sundae. Add fruit or nuts and drizzle a chocolate sauce over your ice cream for a nostalgic flavor customers will love.

Soft Serve

Instead of choosing a vanilla or chocolate soft serve, try something a bit different. Fruit flavored soft serve perfectly channels summer vibes. Consider the popular pineapple Dole soft serve, which is often called “pineapple ice cream” by its fans. This pineapple treat is an extremely refreshing dessert. Experiment with other flavors like orange, raspberry or mango. Add hunks of fruit to the finished product, or serve it smothered in icy, cold fruit juice.


Frozen yogurt has been an extremely popular dessert over the past several years. Get in on this by adding it to your menu.

While frozen yogurt itself is a good dessert, what makes it so loved are the toppings used. Cookie crumbles and candy bits are good topping options, but try adding mini mochi, boba or popping boba to the top of your froyo.


Popsicles are popping up on menus in many major cities across the nation, especially at establishments on the west coast. Popsicles make the perfect dairy and dairy-free option, they are fairly easy to prepare and are also easy for customers to grab and go.

Create a dairy-free popsicle by combining fresh water with your choice of juice. You can also add a high-quality flavored syrup to make a popsicle that features multiple flavors. Add fruit to your concoction, freeze and serve.

Create creamy popsicles by adding milk or creamer. A great example of this would be the rich, grass jelly milk tea popsicle.

What do you have on your dessert menu this summer? Let us know in the comments.

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