Our intercontinental world has introduced us to new flavors to inspire our palettes. This flavor explosion is influencing restaurant menus and even school lunch menus . Beverages are no exception. We found 3 flavors that will have your taste buds popping!

Red Guava

Red guava is a fruit commonly found throughout Latin America in the sub-tropics. I first came across this fruit in a Cuban pastry called guayaba con queso (guava with cheese), and I couldn’t get enough of it! Guava has been described as tasting like a combination of pear and strawberry, but really the flavor is distinct and has to be experienced firsthand. Finding this fruit in a beverage syrup was monumental. The smooth, fruity guava will have you dancing the salsa in no time!

Shiso Plum

If you like tart and sweet than you will love this new flavor. Grown on a large deciduous apricot tree in Japan, they are always referred to as plums. When the plums are pickled, they are called umeboshi and are said to have medicinal qualities. In fact, written records go back to the middle ages showing they were used for various illnesses and to give sustenance to the samurais. In a beverage, it will have your lips puckering in sweet satisfaction!


With tropical, one sip is like escaping to a private island and letting the clear, emerald waters wash all your cares away. If you like tropical flavors, then you will appreciate this new beverage flavor with orange, strawberry, banana, and a pineapple twist!

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