The four most popular New Year resolutions all have to do with being healthy and losing weight. Chances are, one of your resolutions falls into this category. So, now that you have made your resolution, how are you going to actualize your goal? Below are five easy things you can do to make your resolution a reality.

Take Processed Sugar Out of Your Diet

This could be as easy as trading soda for flavored tea or dessert for fruit. All that processed sugar creates inflammation and turns into stored fat.

Add Excercise into Your Routine

Try something that you really enjoy and do it three times a week. It could be as simple as taking your dog for a walk, going hiking or taking a dance class, kickboxing classes etc. The options are limitless! The point is just to get your body moving, especially if you have a desk job where you are sitting all day. If you want to try something more mellow, why not sign up for a yoga class? Yoga is moving meditation, so it is not only good for your body, but for the mind as well.

Give Yourself One Cheat Meal a Week

This may seem counterintuitive, but, actually, this will help you stick to your plan long-term. Just knowing you are still allowed to have your favorite treat, will make you feel less deprived. The good news is that it will not interfere with losing weight while gorging and binging would.

Do Not Skip Meals

You will end up eating more because you will be starving, or you will slow down your metabolism and stop losing fat.

Portion Control

Control your portions. A good rule of thumb is to remember that 3 oz. of lean meat is as big as a deck of cards and one cup of breakfast cereal is the size of a fist. If this is too hard for you, then measure out your food or consider buying a portion control plate.


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