How to Prepare Your Restaurant for Easter

With our busy lifestyles, people are choosing to dine out versus eating at home. Holidays are no exception. Easter, like several other traditional “family” holidays, is shifting towards being a time to dine out with the family instead in. The National Restaurant Association (NRA) estimates that over 33 million people will be dining in a restaurant this Easter. Here are ways to prepare to give your clientele an experience that will have them coming back year after year.

Why Offer a Buffet?

Even though a buffet may not be part of your normal menu, it is worth considering for Easter. The majority of diners, over fifty-one percent, will be looking for a restaurant with a buffet.

Easter Dining Chart

What Food Items Do Diners Expect?

Certain food items are traditional Easter fare and diners will expect to see them on the menu. Ham and Lamb are traditionally served as the main course with eggs as part of a side dish and pastries for dessert


When Do They Like to Dine?

The time diners prefer to dine is split between lunch and dinner with forty-six percent choosing lunch and forty-four percent choosing dinner. Do not discount brunch or breakfast, however, because many diners like to eat out after church and eat out for more than one meal. In fact, twenty-nine percent of the diners are planning to eat out for brunch and twenty-one percent said they are going out for breakfast.

How to Get the Word Out

  1. Run a special promotion.
  2. Launch an Easter social media campaign.
  3. Organize an Easter event/contest.
  4. Reach out to local papers and bloggers.
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