Memorial Day is right around the corner so make it one that people will remember! Memorial Day is a celebration for our troops which means people will be showing respect and patriotism, barbecuing and shopping. Memorial Day is a leading shopping holiday that is sure to generate sales. In fact 41.4% of Americans are likely to take advantage of memorial deals according to WalletHub.

Make sure you are ready for Memorial Day weekend by following our checklist:

    1. Offer a Special

      This is what is going to catch customers’ eyes. Choose a discount within your means or offer a new product for Memorial Day weekend only.

    2. Stock Up On Red, White, and Blue

      This is where your creativity can come to life. From festive popping pearls, red straws or blueberry puree, the possibilities are endless when it comes to crafting your own signature red, white, and blue drink or dessert. You can keep it simple or let your creativity fly.

    3. Spread Awareness

      No one can join the fun if they don’t know where the party’s at. Spread your specials and discounts around on social channels and other forms of marketing that work for you. This is a great way to make sure your Memorial Day Weekend goes as planned!

Have a safe and fun Memorial Day!

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