A Time for Celebration

The Fourth of July is a time for celebration, so get festive with a creative red, white and blue drink! Offering something cold to sip on is perfect for a hot summer day and it makes it that much better when you get creative with it. Most people will spend their time enjoying food and drinks as they wait for a firework show at night, so create your own firework for the daytime with our Red, White and Blue Dynamite Slush.

This Dynamite Slush will explode of flavor with every sip you take. From the tartness of the lemonade mixed with the sweet flavors of berries. This recipe is great because it is easy, fun and can be turned into a great adult beverage. Just requires adding in your favorite alcohol.

Check out the recipe below to make sure your Independence Day goes off with a bang!


• 3 trays ice
• 1 cup Tea Zone Strawberry powder
• 1 cup 1883 Maison Routin Blue Curacao Syrup
• 1 cup of Big Train Lemonade
• 1 cup of vodka OR 1 cup water


• Blend 1 tray of ice in a blender with Tea Zone Strawberry Powder
• Set aside
• Blend second tray of ice in a blender with Blue Curacao syrup
• Set aside
• Blend third tray of ice in a blender with 1 cup lemonade mix and 1 cup of alcohol or water (Depending on drink preference)
• Layer each frozen mixture to create a red, white and blue pattern.
• Serve and Cheers!

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