American Eating Culture

In America, we’re busy people. We juggle multiple tasks at once and seem to try to do it all. With our change in schedule comes a big change to the restaurant industry and how we consume our meals.

With this shift, more and more people consume their meals on the go or by delivery because they like to eat in the comfort of their own home.  So far this year alone restaurants have generated $121,848 million with delivery services according to

Considering we are only half way done with 2018, that is a significant number for businesses to take advantage of. American eating culture is no longer the traditional sitting at a table. it is more common for each family member to eat alone or not at home based off their own schedule.

So what does that mean for you?

  1. Utilize Delivery Services
    You need to be utilizing a delivery service and make sure everything on your menu can easily be transported by delivery or by the customers themselves. It’s no longer out of the norm to see people eating alone, on the way to pick up the kids or on the commute home.
  2. Quick and Easy Menu Items
    A good way to prepare for this is to make sure you offer snack items as well. It’s more common for Americans to just grab a quick snack out because time is of the essence. Americans are becoming more and more busier that they aren’t taking the time to sit down to eat full meals.
  3. Buy Karat Products
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