Have you ever walked past a bakery and smelled the delicious scent of fresh baked cookies? An aroma of warm vanilla, chocolate, or cinnamon draws you inside to buy a baker’s dozen. Without realizing it, you’ve just been targeted by smell.

Our five senses are a cost effective way to tap into business marketing. Sometimes getting down to the basics is a smart way to gain business.


If you have a fragrant smelling dessert or dinner- leave your front door open for a while to let people smell your business. Even if you don’t make a sale, you’ll be getting plenty of attention playing off of people’s sense of smell. They’ll make note to visit the delicious smelling bakery or Italian place they walked by.


Sometimes playing with your food is a good thing. Nowadays it’s popular to have a more interactive style of eating. Create a dish that allows customers to eat with their hands, or a fun dessert like a chocolate bowl that opens up when hot chocolate is poured over it. Having an interactive dish will have people pulling out their phones sharing it with others, doing the marketing for you.


When it comes to sound this is where your ambiance will shine through. Think about how you want your customers to enjoy your food. Think of the background music you want playing while people eat and drink will make the experience of your restaurant that much more enjoyable.


We really do eat with our eyes, so make sure your food presentation is on point. This can also be used by the menu descriptions and what people see as they walk past your business front. In the world of social media, people love an over the top presentation, or creative presentation that is favorable for a picture. Ever thought of making ice cream roses or pink coffee? This will make you stand out against the rest and only add an ingredient or two.


Taste is an important factor when it comes to your menu. It could make the difference if the customer will return or not, but a great way to utilize taste is by having samples. Let your customers explore your popular flavors, or up sale a product that isn’t doing so well by offering it as a tasting. This way people will buy something they didn’t’ think about purchasing.

In the world of social media, word of mouth can spread pretty quickly about your business. Use your senses and creativity to really make your business stand out. Making simple adjustments is a great way to stay within your marketing budget.


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