Back to School Happy Hour

Summer is sadly coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Offering a back to school happy hour is a great way to gain some business.

As students are getting back into the schedule of going to school every day, putting a special beverage or snack at a discounted price is sure to drive up business sales.

Lots of companies are doing happy hour specials from 2-5 because that’s typically when students get out of class and are looking for that afternoon treat.

Check out our tips for a successful happy hour.

  1. Make it Special
    Plan your special according to days of the week, like a “Tea Tuesday” or a “Wing Wednesday” deal. Push a coffee or cold brew on certain days and certain hours. Creating exclusivity is what will make your happy hour seem important because it’s only for a limited time.
  1. Boost Social Media Efforts
    Once you know when and what you’ll be pushing for your happy hour, spread the word! Boost your social media efforts by promoting your happy hour post, create targeted images, and have a store front sign or flyer announcing it.  Spread the word and people will come into your store.
  2. Customer Satisifcation
    The hardest part about planning a successful promotion is to make sure it runs smoothly. This will take a lot of trial and error, but most importantly, make sure you are staffed. A happy hour special is a good way for new customers to try your products without a risk for them. Maybe they’ve been curious to try your place and now this gives them a reason too. Happy hour’s can get busy, so make sure that all customers leave satisfied because this will be your chance to gain a reoccurring customer.
  3. Shop is a simple way to shop everything you would need for planning your happy hour special. From a variety of beverage ingredients to color changing spoons, we have a surplus of products that will make sure you run a successful happy hour!


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