Eco-Friendly Restaurant Tips

Being green while operating a business might seem like an impossible task, but it’s a growing field. There’s actually a booming industry of restaurants and businesses that build their whole image around going green! We’re here to give you some good tips on how to create an eco-friendly business without breaking the bank.

Why go green?
  • Eco-friendly restaurants ultimately save money in the long run, so it’s viable for business.
  • Being Eco-Friendly is a hot topic, especially in states like California or Vermont, so it’s attractive to potential customers when they learn you’re taking steps to be more eco-friendly.

Top 5 Going “Green” Tips

  1. Donate unused food! Donating leftover food that would otherwise go to waste is a great way to care for the environment as well as the less fortunate.
  2. Encourage your waiters or servers to ask customers if they’d like water before breaking out the pitcher. This allows people who want water to get it without having to ask, but also lets those who’d rather pass opt out without wasting water.
  3. Consider switching to energy efficient lighting. In the long run, making a switch like this actually can save money!  Running incandescent lights for 5 hours a day for 2 years it costs about $31 while their eco-friendly counterparts cost about $12.
  4. Maintaining your equipment. Keeping to a cleaning schedule of large appliances can cut down your energy usage as well. While it’s just good practice to maintain clean appliances, this also has that additional green benefit.
  5. Consider switching to green packaging material. Karat Earth has bio-based and compostable materials for any budget, whether it’s to-go packaging or paper straws, we’ve got you covered. 

This a great place to start when considering eco-friendly changes for your business. Making changes like these can save money and also make the world a better place for all of us.

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