Celebrate the New Year in style!

LollicupStore offers a variety of great products that will help you put on a party people will remember for the year to come!

Disposables for Easy Clean Up

Karat offers a line of products that will make food prep easier on you. Skip the dishes and buy quality disposable champagne flutes and saucers. People won’t know the difference and they make for easy clean-up. Scalloped catering plates also offer a classy touch that can easily be thrown away at the end of the night. Scalloped plates are durable and perfect for throwing a New Years bash!

Drink in Style

Champagne is the most common drink to offer your guests, but take it one step further with popping pearls. Popping pearls add a cute and flavorful pop to your champagne flute! Be sure to stock up on our fun flavor syrups as well because they can easily be added to any drink for flavor and color.

Bringing it all together

New Years is a time to reflect and bring your guests together to end the year on a good note. Whether you’re throwing the party yourself or trying to think of what to offer your customers to get them in your bar – extra details will go the long way.

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