Today it seems like there is always a new trend to be looking out for when it comes to food. The amount can be very overwhelming that it can be hard to keep up.

From the rise of Poke, unicorn drinks and rolled ice cream the more visually appealing your food looks to snap the perfect Instagram seems to be the winner.People love swarming the next big thing to post on their social media accounts.

What can we look forward too for 2019?

  1. Innovative ice cream
  2. New Fats
  3. Natural Sugars

These three trends will be on the rise and continue to stay in 2019, but what exactly are they?

Innovative Ice Cream

Last year we saw a lot of rolled ice cream, but what do we have to look forward too when it comes to ice cream this year? Well the answer is something innovate- which according to our dictionary is simply something new. Crowds this year will be gathering around for the next new flavor of ice cream that they just have to try. Get creative in the kitchen when it comes to crafting your 2019 menu. Folks are on the look out for something they can not taste at just any place, so test out vibrant flavors or odd combinations like Jalapeno, Jicama, and Avocado to really offer your customers something different.


2019 is going to be the year people are truly unafraid of the “F” word- Fats! This past year the Keto diet took over the health world, and 2019 it’ll be here to stay. People are no longer afraid of eating fats and they’ll be wanting more. Butter will be the true hero, so think of offering your customers something fatty especially where you don’t expect it- your coffee. People starting putting butter in their coffee- yes really and it seems to work. Check out the world of bullet proof coffee and target a huge health conscious audience you never had before.

Natural Sugars

In 2019 we will be saying hello to natural sugars and goodbye to refined ones. People will be more interested in honey, agave, stevia and even maple syrup. People are not into eating processed junk and that includes their sugar intake. Especially with top diets like keto and paleo, people will be looking elsewhere for how they eat something sweet versus chemically created and granulated sugars. Be sure to offer your customers more sugar options, because they’ll be looking for it with their coffee, tea and even desserts!

We hope you find this guide useful and it helps you get ahead with the new year and upcoming trends.

Flavor Trends for 2019


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