Have you wondered why there are different types of glasses hanging on the bar ceiling and for every unique drink type there is glass different from others? What if drinking a Red wine in the White wine glass? Will it change it’s taste, texture or alcoholic content. Then why a different glass for a different drink. To answer this let’s make it simple and describe special features of few glasses used frequently in bars and why sticking to the standard glasses can enhance your drinking experience.

Red wine glass – Usually red wine glasses are having 3 parts- goblet, stem, and stand. Goblet is larger in size to feel more aroma when taken. The stem is larger than white wine and water goblet to maintain the difference between served wine and fingers. Wine served eg- Pinot Noir.

White wine glass– They are identical to a red wine glass with the stem and goblet part little lesser than a red wine glass. White wine glasses serve white wine while accompanying the white meat i.e. Seafood. Eg- Chardonnay

AP glass– As the name suggests they are (AP) All-Purpose glasses, in case of buffer stock is also used we can serve white wine, red wine or even water in these AP wine glasses.

Flute– These are traditional glasses with the stepper mouth, long tubular goblet, small stem and then stand. Flute is usually used to serve sparkling wine. Eg – Champagne

High ball – It is an old fashion long tumbler glass of around 6 inches. It contains approx 250 ml of drink and can be used to serve mixed drinks and cocktails. Eg Gin can be served in Highballs.

Martini– Whenever a cocktail comes in mind a martini flashes out. The glass emoji used in the various app is a martini glass. They are conical in shape. Wider mouth conically getting down followed by a stem and then stand. Eg-Cosmopolitan

Tequila shot – As the name suggests they look similar to peg measurer in size. Small shot glasses to pour out the tequila in a go. Garnished with a lemon wedge to serve tequila. Eg Don Julio.

Beer mug – Here comes the holy glass, sorry it’s mug. Glass shaped like a mug with the broader mouth, strong base, and a handle to cheer the beer. Ideally, beer mugs have a capacity of 15 oz. Eg Carlsberg.

Roly-poly Meant for whiskeys primarily but can hold any kind of spirit. Roly-poly is slightly curved in nature and different from traditional whiskey classes. It is glassware you can not resist to get on your bar stock.Eg. jack Daniel.

Dessert glass– Last in the meal these glasses are used to dessert wines or say sundae ice creams to finish the meal with a complete experience. Eg Demi-sec traditional.

Presentation is very important when you are serving drinks in a bar and the correct choice of glass can be a different divine experience altogether. So choose correct glass. Cheers!

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