Bubble tea

Bubble tea is arising as the fourth most popular drink worldwide just behind Mineral water, coffee, and coke.
What is bubble tea?
It is a Taiwan based East Asian drink that is gaining popularity. In Taichung , Around 1980, this drink was invented. It has a composition of tapioca, boba, sweetener, creamer. It is served usually cold with a straw.
It is also known as pearl milk tea, tapioca tea, Boba tea, boba or boba milk tea.
Tapioca, Milk, Creamer, brewed tea, sugar, and flavoring.
As nouns, the difference between tapioca and boba is that tapioca is a starchy food made from the cassava plant used in puddings while boba is small, usually black, balls of tapioca used in beverages, which are generally consumed through a large straw.

Benefits of bubble tea

  1. Boosts Energy – With the brewed tea as base ingredient having caffeine in it. They boost the metabolism. Although Typical bubble tea contains honey or a large amount of sugar. So better to prepare a healthy version of it at home.

2. Strengthens Immune system- it all depends on the ingredients .like if you have green tea as ingredients it would have anti-oxidants,  it also contains vitamin C. If we have fresh fruits they all have healthy nutrients that help in strengthening immunity level.

3. Prevents Free radical damage –Green tea contains polyphenols and epigallocatechin in the green ice tea. So these prevent free radical damage.

Note: Please take care excess bubble tea may lead to weight gain and diabetes due to ingredients in it. Please prepare your healthy version yourself.
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