Most neglected drink but it is the very essential drink to maintain your wellness. Usually people prefer soda over water but ironically our body is composed in such a way that it is made of 70 % water. Having pof water can replenish the nutrients and only water can quench the thirst.

Filtered Coffee
Although coffee has shady image but if taken in limited amount various research support the fact that coffee helps in fighting type 2 diabetes,liver disease and also risk down some heart diseases. But if you are pregnant then consult your doctor before consuming it.Through 1-2 coffees once in a while will not harm you.

  • Tea- Green tea, herbal teas are gaining traction as people are getting health conscious day by day. To have a fruitful experience avoid taking tea with milk and sugar. Tea has some antioxidants which help you to rejuvenate and replenish the energy level, but best tea are those which are prepared at home.
  • Milk-Do you need health muscles,bones and teeth .Of course yes ! then you can’t neglect the milk which is a rich source of calcium,vitamin and potassium.So if you are not getting cow-milk which is the best source you can also try soya milk or almond milk.
  • Lemonade – refreshing drink comprised of natural soda flavours with rock salt,lemon essence or preferably fresh lime juice.A good source of vitamin due to citric acid.
  • Fruit Juices- Nothing can replace fresh components if they are part of your diet.It is 100% pure with no added flavour .The only dish that can replace juice quality is the fresh fruits themselves. Have them in whole if you can.

Note :Avoid aerated drinks,Soda and carbon based soft drinks like Coke , Pepsi. Though highly popular they are major factor of intestinal deterioration.
Sip Healthy! Stay Healthy!

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