Health is Wealth , Often heard and very often neglected. In the rat race of earning we are somehow neglecting our real wealth i.e. health. Our daily routines have made us to skip breakfasts which are the most crucial diet of the day. Even in the day meals Junk food have taken the major share leaving us behind with obesity and other diseases which cause you a heavy fat medical bill.
Today we are going to tel you few of the healthiest products which you can increase in the food and make it a wholesome energy provider.

Wild salmon – Along with Omega 3 ,this fish meat comes out with several other nutrients. Wild salmon is better to consume than farmed, canned or smoked fishes.
Eating salmon twice a week can help you in gaining healthy heart.They help you in guarding from heart attack, cardiac arrest and chest pains.

Aloe Juice – Aloe Vera is always safe to eat. For caution peel out the outer part. Gel can be consumed fresh or added to variety of dishes. It can be used in making smoothies, desserts or even fresh juice.
It is rich in nutrients with more than 75 nutritional components.
You can soak the fresh gel into water for 10-20 mins if you feel that is too tough to chew.

Pumpkin seeds – King pumpkin is always remembered during Halloween but it should be consumed through out the year because of it’s health benefits.
Pumpkin seed or say Pepita is rich in carbohydrate, calories, fat ,calcium, sugar , protein and iron too.
they are good for bones and heart. They also help in fighting diabetics type 2
They are also good source of Zinc and hence help in pregnancy.

Brazil Nuts- Eating Brazil nuts may benefit your health in several ways, including regulating your thyroid gland, reducing inflammation, and supporting your heart, brain, and immune system.
As the name suggests it is found in Brazil and Amazon rain-forest area. Having just 2 nuts can bring on the complete nutrients in the diet.

Watercress – Watercress is the family member of broccoli.
It helps in cancer prevention,lowering BP, healthy bones and treating diabetes.
Eat Healthy ! Stay Healthy – and Yes Health is Wealth .Don’t ignore it.

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