Recipe: Pomegranate Iced Tea

Once pulled open, the pomegranate reveals hundreds of ruby red seeds. The slightly tart, but rich sweet flavor is nature’s very own candy. Not only is the flavor delicious, but the fruit also contains a myriad of health benefits from… Continue Reading →

Why Osmanthus is a Hidden Gem

What is Osmanthus With its floral nuances and creamy apricot and peach undertones, the osmanthus flower has a distinct lush scent. This sweet, fruity aroma permeates the garden even though the delicate yellow petals are small and unassuming. The flower… Continue Reading →

Recipe: Sea Salt Cream

Tea Zone® Sea Salt Cream Powder is a great substitute for whipped cream and milk foam. The saltiness from the Sea Salt Cream arouses your senses, while you enjoy the sweet flavor of your drink. Not only does it enhance… Continue Reading →

Recipe: Mango Drinks

There are different ways to use our Tea Zone Mango Syrup, this time we will be featuring three drinks so pick your favorite! Mango Tea Mango Milk Tea Mango Slush Mango Tea Ingredients 8 oz. Tea Zone Black Tea 2… Continue Reading →

Welcome to the new LollicupStore blog!

LollicupStore is excited to announce the launch of its new blog! Here, our contributors will share industry trends, product information, recipes and more to help you with your businesses. Meet our contributors Julia is an editor and staff writer at… Continue Reading →

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